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Embedding DASH7 protocol for more efficiency & security

Benefit from the best of
DASH7 & NEOTION IoT chipset based solution

  • Aggressively low power technology: save costs up to 20% and increase your product battery life in field to more than 10+ years. RF wake-up mode.
  • Penetrates concrete, walls or water: a higher transfer rate and reduced data lost.
  • Greater reach: short to long range, 6 times the range of ZigBee, broadcasting capabilities & Ad Hoc networking.
  • Low-cost: RF protocol license free, Ultra low TCO.
  • Maintaining privacy: supports AES-128 in MAC, other public/private key exchange in network layer and encrypted file system. And works in “invisible” mode to DASH7 out-of-community devices.
  • Internationally-accepted Standard: available in every major trading nation in the world.
  • Flexibility: full open ISO or IEEE standard, multi applications, open source stack, third party interoperability certification.
  • Worldwide ISM bands: 433/868/913 MHz ensuring a RF protocol not overcrowded and more reliable.
  • NEOTION IoT Chipset-based solution will provide a highly scalable service platform, developed around security, optimized for more efficient data communication with embedded AI around DASH7 and other standards.

Enabling more flexibility into IoT product & service solutions for a future-proofed IoT world