Security & Innovation for the Digital Life

NEOTION is a French human-size high-tech company providing innovative solutions for the Digital Television market since 2000. NEOTION develops and distributes a wide range of DVB Conditional Access Modules (CAM) embedding the main Conditional Access Systems (CAS) to Pay-Tv operators across the globe and is actively contributing to CI Plus technology for TV encryption as a cofounder.

Along with our sister company SmarDTV Global, we can claim a worldwide leader position in the Pay-TV industry, relying on unique and in-house skills recognized on the market with 20+ millions of secure devices deployed over the past decade. We combine 20 years’ experience in securing content protection and confirm longstanding partnerships with the main players of the Pay-TV ecosystem, such as security solutions providers for both Broadcast and Broadband networks (CAS & DRM), TV manufacturers fully involved in CI Plus new features implementation and professional equipment providers to address collective content distribution.

Our footprint covers more 50+ countries over extended Europe, from Western to Eastern Europe including CIS regions and an international presence with 15 worldwide locations with headquarters based in France, Engineering skills and teams in France, India and Taiwan, and production sites in France and Asia.



Conditional Access Module for Pay-TV operators.


OTT multiscreen video services for smartphones & tablets.


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