Video consumption is rapidly migrating to connected devices such as smartphones or tablets, which remain out of satellite’s reach. Indeed, those “IP-based” devices rather consume Over-The-Top (OTT) content format, based on unicast connections which - at the rate they are currently proliferating - raises a yet unresolved issue with broadband network congestion and scalability.

On the other hand, satellite broadcast still remains the perfect choice for reaching large audiences, covering remote areas where broadband coverage is insufficient for video streaming, as well as high density locations where broadband network would suffer from congestion issue. But it needs to find a way to address connected devices!

Our solution is offering the answer, using satellite for delivering OTT content, properly adapted for a broadcast transport and finally restored to its original format to end users. This solves broadband scalability issue, allows to extend OTT services’ reach to low connectivity areas and, above all, empowers new business models!

OTT delivery over satellite offers outstanding opportunities for new businesses

Live sport events offerings in bars, hotels, etc.
Live channels and VOD offerings in TV-less and even power-less environments
Higher education reach in rural villages through easier access to education channels
Boosted profitability for transport companies thanks to OTT offerings during long journeys across remote areas

OTT services can take advantage of satellite’s large audience reach

OTT over satellite empowers win-win scenario for the many TV ecosystem players.

Satellite under the spotlights again for TV delivery

Satellite providers benefit from OTT expansion
Selling additional bandwidth for its growing usage, reactivating growth in a stagnant market.

OTT services available for remote and low connectivity areas

Satellite operators gain new type of customers
Addressing the proliferating mobile devices, offering OTT services far into rural areas.

OTT providers increase their content reach
Covering new areas where land-based connectivity is too limited.

Subscribers’ experience is boosted
Enjoying wider services availability all over the country and higher Quality of Service.

Costs savings thanks to hybrid Satellite/Broadband network

TV operators scale down their infrastructure costs
Offloading most popular contents to the Satellite with seamless experience for end-users.

Hybrid Satellite/Broadband coverage


IBC 2018 - Live from the Show - Emily DUBS, Product Strategy Manager at NEOTION